Distractions from getting and staying fit are no joke: your job, taking care of your family, happy hour with friends; you know the list goes on. Not to mention the intimidating images of what “health” looks like that fill our social media feeds on a daily basis. False role-models combined with your daily task calendar can make fitness a very scary and unsustainable venture.


While these unrealistic fitness expectations make your barrier to entry seem difficult, I’m here to remind you that all it takes is a little practice in prioritizing yourself in order to achieve what health truly looks and feels like. You deserve amazing results with healthy guidance and motivation.


My job is to keep you on track when you want to give up, tailor workouts and nutrition strategies fit for your body, and educate you on forming good, sustainable habits that will keep your body and mind thriving. 

Together, we can hit your goals.




Personal Training

 Live in Jersey City, NYC, or Hoboken? Let's meet up to tackle your fitness goals with a personalized program.


Personal Training

 Looking to workout on your own time but still want a custom program, guidance, and  accountability? With an easy-to-use app and weekly phone calls, I can deliver the results you are looking for no matter where you are.


Nutrition Coaching

Broken down into percentages, your fitness pie chart looks something like this: 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. Let's work together to build healthy dietary habits that last.


I started training with Kelly 3-4 months ago as I had a really close friends wedding coming up and I really wanted to lose weight, get toned and FEEL good! I was always clueless and lost in a gym setting and had tried working myself before, but never knew the results that were possible before I met Kelly and I can’t speak highly enough of her! Trust me when I say she really helps you get results! 


As a beginner to the gym, Kelly offered me a personalized program targeted to my specific ability level and fitness goals. I particularly appreciate that my program evolves with me as I get stronger and allows me to continuously stay challenged and make progress over time. Kelly also provides me with personalized cardio and nutrition recommendations to complete on days that we don’t meet to ensure I’m able to stay on track.  The results I’ve seen in my physical weight, shape, strength and energy levels are phenomenal and far exceeds anything I thought I was capable of. I would highly recommend anyone to train with Kelly looking to kick-start their fitness journey!